Enhance data traceability and improve the quality management system

Labsols LIMS for Environmental

Environmental laboratories is all about delivering allowably logical testing results, while constantly adapting to increasingly strict regulations. Environmental labs differ in size, sample workflow, business management and instrumentation integration. However, each lab must conform to the same sample analysis methodology dictated by regulatory agencies. In addition, commercial and outsourcing pressures demand a LIMS that can adapt quickly to changing needs without compromising the quality of the data and information provided to customers.

A LIMS from Labsols can cost-effectively increase the efficiency and productivity of environmental labs. The system’s flexible component based architecture allows it to be customized to fit each client’s specific needs.

It helps lab people and scientists to perform routine to complex customized tasks with greater efficiency, and eliminates transcription errors. It is highly configurable for ease of use across functions. Samples can be routed through different tests, projects, or lots with process tracking. Alerts are automatically generated when predefined points are met, allowing scientists and lab managers to track multiple jobs/projects without worrying about the status of each, and know immediately if something goes wrong.

It is customized to the exclusive business process activities of Air, Water, Soil, Solid Waste, Chemical, Material, Noise etc. Testing management of Physical, Chemical, Microbiological, Pesticide Residue and Toxic parameters can be configured and managed as per the laboratory resources. Environment industry service providers can make use of the system as per their laboratory business operations and functions.

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