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Labsols LIMS for Pharma & Biotech

The pharmaceutical industry is in many ways unique. The challenges facing pharmaceutical companies, including large pharmaceutical, biotech and generics manufacturers are sometimes overwhelming. Diverse laboratories, regulatory constraints, complex lot management and testing needs all demand sophisticated, enterprise-level informatics solutions.

The difficulty to increase compliance and effectiveness within this market is at an all time high. With highly complex laboratory processes already in place, the Medical, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries are faced with serious challenges. It is also widely recognized that the industry faces more intense regulatory scrutiny than any other, except perhaps the nuclear energy industry.

Finally, on business side, the vast majority of pharmaceutical companies are being challenged to become more efficient. The massive profits of the blockbuster drugs are quickly becoming history, and pharmaceutical companies are facing the same pressures to streamline, become more efficient, and focus on core businesses. Labsols offers an excellent laboratory management platform that meets the complex requirements of these modern laboratories that allow your business to be more competitive, bring products to market faster, achieve operational efficiencies and meet your regulatory commitments more easily.

Labsol LIMS is a totally web based and highly configurable and flexible solution for these industry testing laboratories. Labsol LIMS takes care of Total Business Process & Workflow Automation activities of these Labs. The solution handles laboratories, functions and procedures. Sample Management & Tracking, Testing with test suites and methods, Workbooks, Quality Control, Test Result Printing, Report Generation, COA, Invoicing, Document Management, KPI, Reports, MIS etc.

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