Introduction - Document Management connecting LIMS

Data and documents are undoubtedly biggest asset of lab operations. Document and data management is critical to the successful execution of LIMS and LIMS related functions in many laboratories. It is very essential to keep organization stay competitive, productive and compliant with an enterprise-wide document management and collaboration tools.

After a recent survey with various lab people around the industry about document management, we acknowledged that storing data is relatively simple but the challenge is finding and aggregating relevant pieces of data to obtain a comprehensive view of their information. They are really struggling to manage, deliver and utilize data and document effectively in their day to day operations. Such documents are including test reports, spreadsheets, job specifications, product specifications, test specifications, certificates, worksheets, instrument output files, document around samples, regulatory submission documents, research, data and more.

We have seen good requests to provide effective document and data management integration with the LIMS to allow them to search and access all the relevant and critical data in quick time, irrespective of where it came from. They really want a system to help them to create, edit, capture, parse, search, manage, share and archive laboratory documents in a compliant manner.

LabSols brought M-Files integration with LIMS system for great document management, tracking and workflow features around lab operations. M-Files are one of the world’s renowned document management system serving thousands of organizations over 100 countries.