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Food & Beverage – Industry Summary & Role of solution

Globalization of the food supply chain is a driving factor behind the increasing number of food safety incidents. Producers and importers must perform precise, real-time product safety testing at all stages of production, processing, and distribution to ensure quality and compliance with food safety legislation. Each step in the food chain has its own challenges.

The food and beverage industry faces increasing regulatory scrutiny, pressures to control costs, and the challenge of maintaining quality throughout a global supply chain. Labsols LIMS understands the impact these issues have on Food & Beverage labs, and offers the LIMS as a solution to aid companies in the delivery and discovery of products, while complying with industry and regulations.

The Solution is customized to the exclusive business process activities of Packaged Food, Agricultural Produce, Animal Feeds, Sea Food, Raw Materials, Pulse, Grains, Alcoholic and Non Alcoholic Drinks, Food Supplements, Meat and Meat Products etc. Management of Analytical Testing on Physical, Chemical, Microbiological, PFA, Pesticide Residue and Toxic parameters can be configured and managed as per the laboratory resources.

Food analysis techniques produce large quantities of different types of data. LIMS automatically gather, store, manage, and report on these data, including sample preparation data, instrument-generated data, standards, reference data for users, and management and metrics reports.

Labsols LIMS are designed to manage and control the quality assurance process, organizing and storing analytical data and facilitating the conversion of data to information. This process is fully automated, ensuring that the majority of sample results will be within acceptable limits, filtering and highlighting failures to initiate follow-up investigation. LIMS workflow schedules analytical work-up for samples with positive results, addressing the need for rapid screening techniques to identify potential contaminants.

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